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Camoworx Pattern
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Welcome to the new era of concealment brought to you by people willing to break out of the box. We step beyond the boundaries set forth by an industry locked into the belief that you have to hide in the woods to look like a tree..
Our camouflage design is superior to any other camo currently on the market. To see this for yourself, we have side-by-side pictures of our design in the woods next to a leading ‘tree' brand. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and our comparison pictures say it all. Judge for yourself at http://www.dinghyguru.com/dnn/.
We invite all individuals and companies to see these pictures of how our camo is superior. Just go to the "Business Portal" link at the top of the page. Sign up as a registered user and you will have instant access to everything on our site. Registered users will be entitled to the lowest prices and biggest discounts on all of our products. There are no fees to register. It just makes it easier for us to be able to contact the many companies that have shown interested in doing business with us.
Speaking of business, if you are a business that prints items with camouflage or a camo pattern, please sign up for our "Business Portal". We license our Chameleon Camouflage pattern and would be happy to work with you. We are currently accepting new business associates that wish to place the next generation of camouflage on their products.

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Hunters are always looking to wear what will make them the hardest to see when they are in the woods. Believe me, this is it. Don't get left behind on this one. Don't miss the opportunity to be one of the first to get this on your products, because it blows all the others away.
We still use "Nature" and natural concepts to hide hunters, but the main concept is to copy the animal's natural camouflage instead of relying on just plants. People "move" more than trees. We found using camo from "animals that hide in the woods"™ hides people much better than tree camo.
There are no sign up or usage fees for the "Business Portal" of www.dinghyguru.com. It is free for everyone, individuals or businesses, and you will be eligible for huge discounts on our products.
We at CamoWorx believe that you should not hide in the woods. ..we believe you should become the woods.
With chameleon camouflage, you become the woods with a break through in camo design. This is the way camo will be known in the future.
Chameleon camouflage is the most versatile camo ever invented. It utilizes the weakness of prey animals' visual acuity. This will give you the greatest advantage modern day hunters have ever had. It's the next best thing to being Invisible in the woods.
We Are adding a Links Page. So if you have a website That is related to camoflauge or hunting. Feel Free to Link to us. After you link to us. Send us an email at info@dinghyguru.com. We will link back as soon as we look at your site and figure out what catagory to list your site under. We will have many catagories. Clothing distributors, hunting, outfitters,Atv's, Bows, Blinds, Etc.
For order inquires or retail sales email: RetailSales@dinghyguru.com
For company information email: Info@dinghyguru.com
For information on placing our pattern on your products email: ManufacturingInfo@dinghyguru.com